Say what you will about the sordid state of social media, I've found Twitter to be an edifying resource in learning about crypto in general and DeFi in particular.

For all its faults, Twitter still offers us an incredible gift: the ability to connect with and learn from people we might otherwise never meet in the physical realm.

It's hard to overstate the potential opportunity here. The cliché "your network is your net worth" applies. We are the sum of what we do, what we think, and who we spend time with. It used to be the latter was the hardest to control, but that has changed with the advent of the internet.

The quality of your social circle is no longer contingent upon living in a certain neighborhood or going to a certain school. You simply need to be curious enough to seek your mentors out and discerning enough to separate the experts from the charlatans. The latter is easier said than done.

On Twitter, as in life, it pays to choose your friends carefully. Poor contacts can cause more harm than none at all. It's a good idea to constantly prune your follows list. As for adding to it, I have a few recommendations.

Whether you're looking to gain a little edge in the DeFi markets or just want to continue to learn about this nascent industry, I've found the following Twitter accounts to be worthy of that ever increasingly valuable of resources: your attention.

(3, 3) Arrows

The first three recommended Crypto Twitter accounts are all affiliated.

Anyone who has spent any time in the space will likely have heard of @zhusu, CEO and CIO of Three Arrows Capital. Listening to Zhu, it's clear he has not only a depth, but a breadth of knowledge. It's fascinating to listen to him discuss financial markets and their instruments but also world history and culture. When he's not busy moving crypto markets with his fund he's leaking alpha on the podcast co-hosted by our next account.

Former professional poker player @hasufl performs research and writing for Paradigm (a crypto investment firm) and Deribit Insights (a crypto derivatives platform). That is when he isn't moonlighting as Su Zhu's co-host on the highly recommended podcast Uncommon Core.

The last account to round out the 3AC trifecta is DeFi researcher @Arthur_0x. From what I've heard of Arthur's story, he first brought $SNX to Su's attention, who then hired him as a researcher. He now heads up DeFi investing at Defiance Capital.

The Anons

Don't hold the anonymity of these next accounts against them. I've found each of them to be exceptionally educational and even potentially lucrative.

First up is $ETH bull @Tetranode, who has definitely made it. Not entirely sure I know what's going on with all the orcas here but listen, you gotta respect such a powerful animal. Listen to him and maybe you'll even become a whale yourself.

If you thought the last account was cryptic you'll find this one damn right perplexing. @Cryptoyieldinfo regularly shares insight into the latest degen DeFi staking and yield farming strategies. That is, if you can decipher them.

Rounding out our list of anons is DeFi researcher and writer @safetyth1rd. I like his takes on the space. He tracks its rapid development in his newsletter Today In DeFi.

The Ace In The Hole

My last recommended Crypto Twitter follow doesn't take himself too seriously and neither should you.

You also shouldn't allow his twitter persona's levity to lessen the value of its insights. From what I've heard from Fisky, he has a sound understanding of both fundamental and narrative-driven investing.

Basically, I like the way this contrarian gambler thinks.

Give @Fiskantes a follow.